Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get Creative With It: Some Say it's Trash, I say it's Treasure!

Okay so I'm a thrift store addict, and I have my reasons as to why I prefer second hand shops oppose to "regular" shops. One I feel like every year it's the same ish, different color at "regular" stores, two I can never find stuff that represents me and three, I hate wearing the same items I see everybody else wearing, I prefer to be different; and you can believe I can always accomplish that at a second hand store.

I consider myself to be a very bright individual...not so much book wise lol, but personality wise I'm a very fun and exciting person which is why I adore this new fuchsia dress I pick up from the Good Will for only $8 and all I did was pair it up with a different belt to give it two different looks...oh and the hair added some effect too ;)

My New Favorite Dress

Love the ruffles...

How do you like my new bang?

That's not all I got. Check out my the other pieces I found in later post.


12kyle said...

Nice pics, gurl!

I aint mad at cha! Why spend $80 on some jeans if you can find some just as nice for $20? Some call that being thrift. I call it making a good bizness decision!

Shondell said...

Love the dress and your creative flair, girl! Which thrift shop is your favorite?

Charece said...

@ 12Klye: Thank you...I know that's right, and not with this recession, anytime you can spend less on something is always a good decision!

2 Shondell: Thanks girly...I think I find more thing in my size at Goodwill so I would have to say thats my favorite so far.